Phone Scam

From April 5th 2013 campus wide email alert

Dear Students

There have been a couple of students who have received calls from the “PolyClinic” stating they owe a lot of money that needs to be paid right away. This type of call is not from our Bryan PolyClinic. This a scam.

The PolyClinic DOES NOT use any outside billing agency or representative. If our PolyClinic does call you it will be from either Mandy, Stacia or Dee Dee and they will use one of two phone numbers:

423-775-7150 (PolyClinic number)

423-285-7012 (Mandy)

Please do NOT give your credit card number over the phone to any one calling and claiming to be from the PolyClinic.

If you have been contacted, please notify the PolyClinic Staff at 423-775-7150 ASAP or any School Official

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this scam has burdened our patients with.